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بيار برزنجي

Amazing app

High quality video chat. Fun app to play with friends and family. Highly recommend it to anyone.

Super engaging!

Melon is by far the coolest new app I’ve tried for meeting new people and video chatting. The quality is super solid and I’ve only had really engaging conversations so far. Keep it up!

Best video chat

Truly the best


Lovely chat app. The app is so easy to use. If you want to meet someone from the region which you want explore, this app will help you with that. Concept of the app is excellent.


This is a complete ripoff and a waste of time!! Stay away from this one!!

Great chat app

This is an awesome app, has great video quality, and I’ve met some really fun and interesting people on it!

It’s quite fun to see how weird the rest of the world is

It’s always quite interesting to find out just how weird the rest of the world really is

Is good

I like


Dear melon team why you are terminated me 64 hrs this is very bad cuz someone crazy he report then you are terminated



Daban farhad

Daban farhad


Gracias por la app y me gusta hablar con todos gracias

Very very nice app

but i don’t now buy tokenv


This app is really nice

Great app

Amazing app




Is nice, i like

High quality video!!!

High quality video and it's easy to use for all ages. Good job, Melon! In future updates I would like to see the ability to video chat with multiple people at once.

Best application

Really good chat application

Erbil Iraq


Very. Good. Appe


Very good app

Choose to talk to people in different part of the world on video chat right here right now.

no better than omegle

doesn't even have a way to filter the weirdos out or add interests. nothing special about this app as far as I can see. Literally, tinder/Instagram/any other social network is more worth your time




First person I chat with is jacking off

They Won't Delete My Account

I've downloaded a few apps to make friends and I was disappointed when I joined this app. I had no clue how to use it or what I do to meet people. A bit let down, I decided to delete my account, but I couldn't find out how to delete my account through the app. I wrote to the team and they told me - "At this time it is not possible to delete your Melon account." Umm ask your backend/server guys to remove me from the database... Telling someone you can't remove their information is unacceptable :/

So far I love the fact that you could communicate all around the world

I love the fact that people are open to conversation




I'm outraged. I would never in my life recommend this application to anyone. Not a single soul on this planet we call earth. I'll tell you my reasoning. It may e dramatic. I don't even care. It deserves this. Who even calls an app melon? Tch. Pathetic name. A pathetic name, a pathetic rating—One star. Haha, just kidding. I just downloaded the app to write this review for the name. Anyways, you should download it and check it out for yourself!


How can I delete my account???

Great game

I like it






The app is good and everything just need to fix the camera view😭🤔


Its very nice to meet other people


پ م


Demasiado buena la app


Buen método ingeniosa mensajería

José Ramón

Súper bien

Awesome way to meet new people

This app offers a great new way to start dating or meet new friends. Video chatting is always fun but with Melon its even cooler! The app is beautiful and easy to understand and use. I recommend it to everyone looking to meet new people and have fun 😁


If you love connecting with people, then this is your app! The video quality is great while chatting with people all over the world. You can find your friends through Facebook or find new ones. Of course, there are ways to modify what you want people to see on your profile which is always a plus. It's also nice to be able to use the chatting feature and see your history making it easy to chat with old and new friends. Outgoing people should definitely try this app!

Buena app !!

Es muy eficiente y rápida me gusto mucho descárguenla la recomiendo.👍🏽






Love it

5 star

To much male😔

Junks app

This apps is junks. I can't msg no one unless I bye cons.


Meeting new people...its awesome

Muy bueno

Excelente aplicación

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